domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

A bloody mess

Pamplona, July 13, 2008.
This picture is not good and it has to be said beforehand. No newspaper or picture agency would run it but, but I don't care very much about the artistic values of bull photography. On this rainy evening, the matador Joselillo tried to kill the animal, without success. After many blows with the sword he was ordered to stop the slaughter and let the bull go away. It happens on very few occasions, but don't be wrong about the bull's fate, 'cause its life won't be spared at all. He would be shot by any police officer inside the bull's yard, hidden from the public's eye.
A bloody mess, for sure.

Bull (fight?)

Sanfermin 2008.
Bullfight: a dammed bloody mess.


Sanfermin 2008. July 10th.
Villar & her niece.


Sanfermin 2008. "Estruendo" Night.
Kote, a fine & brave photographer from EFE Agency, he's showing here his skills with a drumstick.

I'm on Fire

Sanfermin 2008. July 10.
Waiting for some concert to begin I was lured by a golden glow and a crowd watching a couple of girls -speaking in German or Duch- playing with torches. Not having many time to do the pictures, I was pleased with the result, although, as always, I intented to produce an spectacular image.

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Pastora drives (...them crazy)

Sanfermin 2008. July 13.
Plaza del Castillo, the singer Pastora performs in front of a delighted and cheering audience. Altough, as first sight, she looks like quite different as the "glamourised" singer artist, I'd say she had "something" different. On a sense, she looks like the nice "neighbor girl" the one you would come across on the lift any day. Here, she was mimicking the act of driving, without the mike so, after some thinking, I decided to make this combo picture.

Pastora drives