domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

The BON chicken boy NEN:

Feb 28, 2010.
Sorpresa! Una caja llega a casa, y dentro, un montón de ropita para Diego, diseñada por Pilar para la marca "BON NEN" de Barcelona. Josep Maria, Blanca y la misma Pilar nos emocionan con su regalo: gente trabajadora y sencilla que se han acordado del pequeño y no han vacilado en gastarse la pasta en un niño que todavía no conocen. Muchachos, no estoy llorando: se me ha metido una cosita en el ojo, coughs, coughs...
Le probamos al chaval la chaquetita del pollo: como diría su abuela "está para comérselo"!

BON NEN brand designer Pilar's sends us a box full of baby's clothing. Thanks to my friends Josep María, Blanca and Pilar herself. Thanks a lot, 'cause I'm fully aware of their daily struggle to get work. Thanks, thanks.

Good luck

Feb 28, 2010
We're lucky to be here, sheltered on a warm room, well clothed and feed, whilst out there millions are forced to leave their homes in order to look for a better future.
We spaniards we've been migrants for all our History: to America first, afterwards to Western Europe because this country could not provide jobs for his citizens. It seems we've forgotten our squalid past. But this past has not forgotten us.

My wife's little boyfriend

Feb 24, 2010
She's exhausted. He sleeps without his trousers on... My wife's found another person (albeit little and demanding) to fill her days.
Pity of me!

Gift (Diego's horn)

Feb 12, 2010.
Dear reporters:
Your device to hear Diego's sweet voice works fine. The problem is: this boy does not want to hear anything about monitoring gadgets. He cries like hell when he feels he's left alone. We human beings are social animals.
So it's Mechas, our faithful guardian dog.

(Gracias a tutti por el artefacto, majos y maja!)


Feb 20, 2010
Diego on a spending spree. It's worth noting shop's girls were quite impressed with his handsomely built features...

Gift (Sonsoles & Edward)

Temporada Invierno 2010:
Admiren la bella estampa del mozo ataviado con una práctica, a la par que elegante, mantita azul "vintage" cuya sencilla decoración incorpora el nombre de pila del modelo cosido expertamente por las manos del conocido artista Edward Bux, asesorado por la estilista Sonsoles E. Este modelo arrasa entre los distinguidos lactantes de las zonas mas exclusivas de la capital. Un "must" de fondo de armario, indudablemente.

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

My first video with a Canon 5D

Diego: my first video.
Curious about video recording with my Canon 5D Mk II I've accomplished this magnificent feat: a short file of Diego smiling, edited with Apple's iMovie.
He's so cute, isn't he?

Diego: One month old

January 11, 2010
Today, Diego is one month old and, in order to have recorded this eventful day I put him for a moment on the couch, against the snowy background. I've heard Swedes put their offspring to sleep outside, into the cold, to give them a taste of winter and to strenght them, but it could be only a bogus story. Who knows...
(Some flash was added but no creature was injured on the making of this picture)

Open eyes

January 29, 2010

My hand & Diego

January 28, 2010